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Primaloc Guides: How to Make an Epoxy Tumbler

An epoxy tumbler resting on a live edge wooden table with a scenic vista in the background.
Learn how to make your own personalized epoxy tumbler with this beginner-friendly step-by-step guide that explains everything you need to know!

Primaloc Proposals: 12 Epoxy Coffee Table Ideas

A live-edge wooden epoxy coffee table with elaborate metal legs that are linked together. A figure of a man riding a horse rests atop the table.
Get creative with your coffee table with these eye-catching epoxy coffee table ideas!

Primaloc Highlights: Epoxy Kitchen Countertops

A multi-tiered epoxy kitchen countertop.
See examples of what Primaloc Epoxy users have accomplished with their kitchen countertop projects!

Primaloc Guides: How to Create Epoxy Ocean Art

A finished epoxy resin ocean art piece from a Primaloc Epoxy user.
Ocean resin art is beautiful, but it's not obvious how it's done. Learn how to make your own epoxy ocean art here!

Primaloc Proposals: 7 Ideas for Epoxy Resin Art

Epoxy resin wall art made using Primaloc Epoxy, several pigments from Pigmently, and a variety of collected seashells and other garnishes.
Get inspired with these 7 fun, beginner-friendly ideas for making epoxy resin art!

Primaloc Epoxy: The Ultimate Sealant for Marble Surfaces

A kitchen featuring a full set of epoxy marble countertops.
Preserve your marble surfaces for many years with Primaloc Epoxy's low-maintenance, ultra-strong, waterproof epoxy finish.