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Primaloc Answers: Epoxy Curing Phase FAQs

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Learn the answers to common questions about the curing phase of epoxy resin in our latest Primaloc Answers FAQs article!

Primaloc Highlights: Epoxy Resin Art

An epoxy resin art piece being held by its creator.
See examples of resin art created by Primaloc Epoxy users!

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Mix Epoxy Resin

An epoxy resin art piece made using Primaloc Epoxy. The batch poured onto it was carefully mixed to achieve optimal results.
Discover tried-and-true methods for mixing epoxy resin to achieve optimal results.

Primaloc Guides: Resin Mold Cleaning and Storing

A silicone mold with two of the reservoirs filled with colorful epoxy resin.
Learn how to clean your resin molds and keep them properly stored for future use.

Primaloc Answers: Epoxy Resin FAQs

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Learn the answers to 10 of the most common questions about epoxy resin here.

Primaloc Answers: How Much Does Epoxy Cost?

A red price tag with text on it that says, "Epoxy $?.??", indicating an unknown cost.
Plan your projects better by knowing the costs of epoxy. Quality, clarity, strength—each of these traits is correlated to cost. Learn more here.