PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy

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PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy | Countertop Epoxy
Bar Top Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy

Epoxy That Never Yellows, Fades, or Cracks

PrimaLoc™ Epoxy is a commercial grade, crystal-clear finish that is extremely durable, self-leveling, and scratch resistant. Patented one coat system that is twice as thick as other epoxies creating a nearly indestructible surface.

“I have been using Epoxy Resins for almost 30 years. This product is by far the best I've come across.”


“Clearest, thickest, and mixes real easily. Beautiful finish to say the least."


“It truly was a product that lived up to the claims. Simple to use with great results.”


Table Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy

What Makes Primaloc™ Epoxy Different?

All epoxy coatings yellow visibly over time. This includes even the most popular brands. PrimaLoc™ has spent over a decade perfecting our formula to resist yellowing, not only indoors, but also outdoors in direct sunlight. Our UV Protection Extreme™ provides the strongest level of protection found in an epoxy today.

PrimaLoc™ vs. 3 industry- leading competitors.

Epoxy UV Protection | PrimaLoc™ Epoxy

Epoxy Features

PrimaLoc™ epoxy works on just about any surface material.

Commercial Grade Self-levels to 1/8"

Twice as Thick as Standard Epoxy for a One-coat Application

Never Yellows, Fades, or Cracks

Formulated to Resist Scratching

UV Protection Extreme™

100% Zero VOC, Virtually Odorless

Trusted By Top Brands

Chemically formulated to be used in the most demanding environments such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and kitchens.

Trusted Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium EpoxyTrusted Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium EpoxyTrusted Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium EpoxyTrusted Epoxy | PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy

See why our customers love PrimaLoc™ Epoxy

Customer Rating: 4.8/5

PrimaLoc™ Concrete Countertop Epoxy

The Absolute Best Product!

My husband and I are completely in love with our countertops. We used your epoxy on our stained concrete countertop. They turned out perfectly smooth and hard as a diamond. We're so happy we purchased from you.

Emma in Brentwood, TN

Epoxy Wood Table - PrimaLoc™

Great Results with Little Effort

This was my first time ever using epoxy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Even with no experience I found the instructions were simple to follow but completely thorough. The surface looks like glass!

Alexander in Boulder, CO

Epoxy Bar Top - PrimaLoc™

Best Epoxy on the Market

The epoxy preserves the natural beauty of the wood you’re using and will leave you with a super clear finish with a glossy shine. Plus it does all of this while hardening and protecting the wood. Top notch product!

Bryan Martin Miami, FL

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Same-Day FedEX Shipping

Same-Day FedEX Shipping

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Made in the USA Guarantee

Made in the USA Guarantee

PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy is made in the United States. You can trust our epoxy in any environment, including sensitive areas such as kitchens, restaurants, and wineries.

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We're not just epoxy sales people. Our staff has many years of hands on experience working with epoxy in all kinds of real world applications. We are ready to help you succeed!