Countertop, Bar Top and Table Top Epoxy

PrimaLoc Countertop Epoxy
PrimaLoc Countertop Epoxy
Table Top Epoxy - PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy
Bar Top Epoxy - PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy
Countertop Epoxy - PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy
Bottle Cap Epoxy Bar - PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy
Commercial Grade Bartop Epoxy - PrimaLoc™ Premium Epoxy
Countertop, Bar Top and Table Top Epoxy
Countertop, Bar Top and Table Top Epoxy
Countertop, Bar Top and Table Top Epoxy


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Epoxy Coverage Chart
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DIY Epoxy Countertops

PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy is Made in the USA and engineered specifically for Bar Tops, Tabletops & Countertops.

Countertop Epoxy

Clear Commercial Grade Coating

PrimaLoc Clear Countertop Epoxy is a self-leveling high gloss finish. The Nano-crystal technology enhances the natural beauty of any surface, giving it a greater sense of depth and contrast.

Bartop Epoxy Resin

Extreme Long-term Durability

The unique blend of Polycarbons are formulated to resist scratching and to provide extreme durability in the most demanding of environments. 

Commercial Epoxy Resin

Never Yellows, Fades, or Cracks

PrimaLoc Countertop Epoxy is composed of a revolutionary cellular non-fade prepolymer. This provides the highest level of UV protection available anywhere on the market today. Perfect for outdoor use.

Rock-Solid Table Top Epoxy Finish

PrimaLoc Premium epoxy will make Bar Tops, Table Tops, and Countertops come to life with rich and vibrant detail.

Epoxy Bar Top
  • Commercial Grade Self Leveling Epoxy to 1/8"
  • Twice as Thick as Standard Epoxy
  • Non-toxic, Food Safe Epoxy Resin
  • Lasting Durability & Shine
  • Formulated to Resist Scratching
  • Never Yellows, Fades, or Cracks
  • UV Protection Extreme™ for Outdoor Use
  • 100% Zero VOC, Virtually Odorless
  • Made Right Here in the USA

Engineered to Work on Virtually Any Countertop

Countertop Epoxy Surfaces
Epoxy Countertops
Countertop Epoxy Finish
Commercial Grade Epoxy

What Makes Primaloc Epoxy Different?

The most popular epoxy brands all show yellowing visibly over time. PrimaLoc has spent over a decade perfecting our formula to resist yellowing, not only indoors, but also outdoors in direct sunlight. Our UV Protection Extreme™ provides the strongest level of heat protection found in an epoxy today.

PrimaLoc vs. 3 industry- leading competitors.

Epoxy UV Protection | PrimaLoc™ Epoxy

Coverage Chart

1 Quart Combined = 1 Pint Resin + 1 Pint Hardener
Covers 12 Sq. Ft. for Seal Coat or Covers 4 Sq. Ft. for a Flood Coat

1/2 Gallon Combined = 1 Quart Resin + 1 Quart Hardener

Covers 24 Sq. Ft. for Seal Coat or Covers 8 Sq. Ft. for a Flood Coat

1 Gallon Combined = 1/2 Gallon Resin + 1/2 Gallon Hardener
Covers 48 Sq. Ft. for Seal Coat or Covers 16 Sq. Ft. for a Flood Coat

2 Gallons Combined = 1 Gallon Resin + 1 Gallon Hardener
Covers 96 Sq. Ft. for Seal Coat or Covers 32 Sq. Ft. for a Flood Coat

How To Epoxy Table Tops, Bar Tops, and Countertops
For most applications, PrimaLoc Epoxy is applied in two stages, the Seal Coat stage and the Flood Coat stage.

Seal Coat: The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Our epoxy is used for both the seal coat and the flood coat. It is the same product that is applied to the surface with a paint brush. 

Flood Coat: After waiting 4-6 hours from when the seal coat was applied, a flood coat is simply poured on the surface and it self-levels to 1/8". Additional Flood coats can be applied every 4 hours to cover thicker embedded objects.

Side and Edges: When pouring over the Sides and Edges of a table, counter, or bar top, make sure that you purchase extra material to account for spillage over the sides as you will lose 30% of the material coating them.

How to Use PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy.
No experience needed.

Create a beautiful crystal-clear surface with countertop epoxy resin
in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Measure Epoxy 

PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy is a two-part, epoxy coating that is mixed at a one to one ratio. Pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into a new container. We have the Multi-Mix All Purpose 5 Quart Container available for purchase.

Step 1: Measure Epoxy

Step 2: Mix Epoxy

Next, mix the epoxy thoroughly to ensure that the batch is completely blended. Make sure to blend the epoxy on the bottom and sides of the container extremely well. We offer reusable stir sticks and drill bit mixers to buy online for your convenience.

Step 2: Mix Epoxy

Step 3: Pour Epoxy

Lastly, pour the epoxy onto your surface. PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy self levels so there is no need to move it around with any tools like most other epoxy products. It's  important to ensure that you have enough epoxy for covering the sides and edges.

Step 3: Pour Epoxy

Purchase our full Premium Epoxy Tool Kit.

Everything you will need for your epoxy resin project, all in one packaged kit.
Free shipping on orders over $150. 

Premium Epoxy Toolkit
Premium Epoxy Toolkit

Epoxy Tutorial

This epoxy tutorial video shows how to apply a seal coat of PrimaLoc Premium Epoxy followed by a flood coat on a stained butcher block wood surface. View More PrimaLoc Clear Epoxy Videos

Epoxy Tutorial

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Made in the USA Guarantee

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No Regrets

I've been messing w/ epoxy for a couple of years. Each time I buy, I usually get different brands because of yellowing or some other reason that I don't like. Tried this brand last night and was pleasantly surprised. I don't have anything bad to say. It's low odor, high tolerance of heat(heat gun) and ease of maneuvering the flow around table, made it easy to work with. It also was very forgiving in time to smooth out.

Looks great!

Instructions are very specific with warnings that it is important to follow exactly and use at the appropriate temperature. I covered a bourbon barrel top that was warped. It was very porous and required several heat applications to remove bubbles, but it turned out great! So clear, I was afraid to touch it for a few days as it still looked wet!

Spalted maple cooktop counter

Product is easy to work with and directions are very detailed.this is the first epoxy flooding project I have done but will use this product in the future.Isolation of projects from other shop activities is important do to the long cure time and the high temperature (75+ degrees) that is required.