Deep Pour Epoxy

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Deep Pour Epoxy
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Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy

Features & Benefits

Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy is specifically engineered for both hobbyists and experts aiming for unmatched transparency and depth in their creations. 

Exceptional Clarity: Our formula guarantees a crystal-clear finish, ensuring your projects shine in their full glory without any yellowing over time.

Unmatched Depth: Perfect for deep pours up to 4 inches thick in a single layer, ideal for large projects and river tables. Go even deeper with additional layers!

Advanced Technology: With our cutting-edge technology, Primaloc delivers bubble-free perfection, ensuring flawlessly smooth surfaces every time—no air bubbles, just perfection.

Superior Durability: Scratch, water, and heat resistant, preserving your creations for years. Achieve a glass-like finish with few bubbles for striking clarity.

Eco-Friendly: VOC-free and odorless, for a safe experience.

Easy to Use: Simple mixing, long working time, friendly for all skill levels. Plus with 

Deep Pour River Table
Epoxy River Table
Epoxy Charcuterie Board
Epoxy Deep Pour Art & Craft

Free Tool Kit with Epoxy Purchase.

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Free Tool Kit

Use our calculator to estimate how much epoxy you'll need:

Epoxy Calculator

Epoxy Coverage

1/4" thick: 1.5 gallon Deep Pour Epoxy kit covers - 10 sq ft

1/2" thick: 1.5 gallon Deep Pour Epoxy kit covers - 5 sq ft

1" thick: 1.5 gallon Deep Pour Epoxy kit covers - 2.5 sq ft

Drying Times

Dry to Touch: 12-18 hours

Recoat within: 12-24 hours

Light Use: 72 hours

*These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise epoxy needs will vary according to many factors, including application type and surface material. For specific advice regarding your project, contact our customer service

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
was easy to apply

not my first epoxy project but definitely my first with primaloc.

Adrian Willis
Looks Great!

The surface is so smooth and feels so nice

Emily Johnson
better than I expected

I didn’t think this would be worth the money but it had a lot of positive reviews so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I did a couple test samples using a mold I had and some pigment from another store and it worked perfectly. Then I did my bigger project (just a small river table) and was really careful not to let it leak over the sides. Everything went really smoothly and I just followed the instructions, nothing fancy. 10/10

audrey hayes
ocean river table

we made a river table with a thick epoxy. it turned out great though curing took some time.

Brayden Maxwell
Penny Table Top

deep pour looks great. got it fast, too, and the penny project went as planned.

Clara Baker

our deep blue table looks incredible, wowow. the color didn’t turn out as good in the photo but in reality its super.