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5 Quart Epoxy Mixing Container
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These graduated plastic containers are used for accurately measuring and mixing medium or large epoxy batches.

Note: Use a new container for each batch; e.g., if your project requires pouring five gallons of epoxy, you will need five of these containers.

Warning: Do not attempt to clean and reuse these containers. Residual resin components bond with the container after use and will contaminate any further batch attempts. Always use a new container for each epoxy batch.

You may also purchase this as part of our Basic Epoxy Tool Kit.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Green
Bottle Cap Table made easy with this product!

I was really concerned about using epoxy for my first time and on such a big project (a bottle cap table using a large spool). I read reviews on many different products. I chose this epoxy since the reviews were good. I was delighted that my table turned out beautiful! Just follow their directions closely is what I kept reading! So I did, with help from my husband it was easier than expected. Thank you for a great product!

Vincent Cavaliere

I was more nervous then I needed to be. I followed the directions and it worked great.. Two weeks later I poured another coat on it and same results.. Awesome!!

Worked great.

I did not use this container to mix the epoxy due to the smaller quantities I was working with but it did come in handy for warming up my resin bottle in hot water!

great product

a very good size for mixing a gallon in.

Jason Collins
Performs Great - Just As Described

THis product arrived super fast and produced an amazing finish.

I cannot wait until my next project requiring an epoxy finish. I will surely be using this again.

Buy Plenty Mixing Containers

I ordered extra mixing containers with my order, as I had a BIG table to coat. The cost of the containers are the same or less than the big box stores. The marked containers will take the guess work out of mixing (which is worth far more than $2.99).