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Yellow/Green Glow in the Dark Epoxy Powder Pigment

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Pigmently Glow Yellow Green Mica Powder
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Unleash Vibrant Hues.

Our premium-grade mica powder pigments, engineered by industry visionaries, redefine the essence of color brilliance in a profoundly personal way. Explore the potential of our versatile pigments, tailored just for you, perfect for an array of epoxy applications. Create with purpose, with stunningly vibrant pigments designed with your artistic vision in mind.

  • Epoxy river tables
  • Jewelry making
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Tumblers
  • Wall art
  • Epoxy bar tops
  • Drink coasters
  • Arts & crafts!

Epoxy Powder Pigment Crafts

Unrivaled Clarity.

Unrivaled Clarity. Shape your epoxy endeavors with Pigmently's top-tier mica powder pigments. These meticulously engineered epoxy mica powders utilize state-of-the-art chroma crystals to deliver an unmatched color contrast and vibrancy. Experience purity without compromise, free from the common fillers used by others.

Deep Pour River Table

Perfect Harmony.

Bring your epoxy projects to life with unmatched accuracy and consistency using Pigmently Premium Pigments. Our exclusive blend of superfine particles is carefully calibrated to integrate flawlessly with epoxy resin, preventing sinking or clumping. Guarantee a seamlessly smooth finish for your epoxy creations, time after time!

Variety of Mica Powder Pigments

Versatility, Redefined.

Maximize the creative possibilities of your epoxy projects, reaching unmatched quality and performance with Pigmently mica powder pigments. Whether your creation is a captivating table top, bar top, countertop, or more intricate projects like tumblers and charcuterie boards, Pigmently's superior mica powders promise consistent perfection every time.

Epoxy Ocean Table

Powder Pigment Portion Guide:

These powder pigments pack a punch. A little goes a long way in changing the color of epoxy. The color's depth—its transparency and vibrancy—can be adjusted by commencing with a minimal quantity and incrementally integrating more until you attain your desired effect.

It is advisable to mix the pigment into the Hardener after pouring it into the mixing container. This will ensure an even distribution of the pigment and avoid premature curing of the epoxy. Begin with a small amount of pigment and gradually add more until you've achieved the desired color.

To optimize your outcomes, we suggest conducting a minor test pour if you're uncertain about the substrate's impact on the color and finish.

*Important - Glow in the Dark Powders are renowned for their photoluminescent properties - when exposed to normal light, they appear as a light white hue but once all illumination is removed, the vibrant colors become visible! Despite having denser consistencies than other pigments, each container still holds 51g of powder regardless of its texture or density.

**For a piece that truly stands out, you can combine glow in the dark pigments with regular ones. You’ll have color during the day and a unique glow at night - just make sure to experiment first with colors and different ratios until you find what works best for your project.

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