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Primaloc Proposals: 7 Ideas for Epoxy Resin Art

Epoxy resin wall art made using Primaloc Epoxy, several pigments from Pigmently, and a variety of collected seashells and other garnishes.
Get inspired with these 7 fun, beginner-friendly ideas for making epoxy resin art!

Primaloc Epoxy: The Ultimate Sealant for Marble Surfaces

A kitchen featuring a full set of epoxy marble countertops.
Preserve your marble surfaces for many years with Primaloc Epoxy's low-maintenance, ultra-strong, waterproof epoxy finish.

Primaloc Guides: Choosing an Epoxy Colorant

An epoxy resin art piece made with Primaloc Epoxy and two different epoxy liquid pigments.
Knowing when to use colorants—and which ones to use—can help you plan out your epoxy project and achieve your creative goals. Learn more here.

Primaloc Answers: Which Materials Bond Best with Epoxy?

A kitchen with wooden epoxy countertops and granite epoxy countertops.
Discover which materials bond well with epoxy resin, as well as which ones you should avoid applying epoxy to in this Primaloc Answers article.

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Clean Resin Cups and More

Two gloved hands cleaning various dishes with soapy water and a soft scrub brush.
Learn two easy techniques for properly cleaning your resin cups, tumblers, and similar items to ensure a long lifespan for your resin creations.

Primaloc Answers: Epoxy Curing Phase FAQs

An image of an orange question mark with a green background and two text overlays, one that says "Primaloc Answers" and another that says "Epoxy Curing Phase FAQs"
Learn the answers to common questions about the curing phase of epoxy resin in our latest Primaloc Answers FAQs article!