Snow Queen Epoxy Powder Pigment

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Snow Queen Epoxy Mica Powder
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Mica Powder Pigment

Designed for Artists, By Artists.

Discover Pigmently's premium mica powder pigments, expertly engineered by industry visionaries to redefine the vibrancy of colors in the realm of art and crafts. Our versatile pigments are perfect for a wide range of applications, allowing you to craft with intent and achieve stunningly vibrant results.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Epoxy river tables
  • Resin jewelry making
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Tumblers
  • Wall art
  • Drink coasters & more!
Powder Pigment Epoxy

Vivid Colors, Mica Magic.

Experience the unmatched quality and versatility of Pigmently mica powders.

  • True Colors: Made from the highest quality chroma crystals for unparalleled depth and vibrancy
  • Smooth Blend: Designed to mix quickly and easily with no pigment residue or powder clumps left behind.
  • Never Fades: Pigmently mica powder pigments will NOT fade, change, or tarnish EVER.
  • Custom Colors: Mix mica powder together to create any unique combination!
Epoxy Coasters

Guaranteed Safety. Long Lasting Finish.

  • Formulated to be safe and non-toxic in every environment, making them suitable for use in homes, restaurants, wineries, and businesses without any concerns.
  • With Pigmently mica powders, you can rest easy knowing that the curing time of your epoxy won't be affected, resulting in consistently smooth and hassle-free projects.
Craft Epoxy Pigments

Endless Possibilities.

Unlock a world of boundless creativity with Pigmently's premium mica powders. Crafted for artists who dare to dream beyond the ordinary, these pigments offer an unparalleled palette of possibilities. Whether you're crafting stunning jewelry pieces, designing eye-catching charcuterie boards, or constructing captivating river tables, our mica powders offer a level of depth and brilliance that sets your work apart.

Liquid Dye vs Powder Pigment: Which is right for you?

Epoxy Liquid Dye:
Our resin dyes smoothly integrate with epoxy, delivering a vibrant and uniform color to your entire resin project. The degree of color saturation is within your control – simply adjust the amount of liquid pigment you add. With more liquid pigment, you can achieve a solid color, while using less yields a crystal-clear, colored transparency effect.

Epoxy Powder Pigments:
Powder pigments imbue your epoxy with rich, subtle variations of color and pleasing texture effects.
Some powders will shimmer in the light while others give a multi-tone color finish. You can attain a mesmerizing granite or marble like appearance using different powder pigments.

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