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5 Quart Epoxy Mixing Container
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These graduated plastic containers are used for accurately measuring and mixing medium or large epoxy batches.

Note: Use a new container for each batch; e.g., if your project requires pouring five gallons of epoxy, you will need five of these containers.

Warning: Do not attempt to clean and reuse these containers. Residual resin components bond with the container after use and will contaminate any further batch attempts. Always use a new container for each epoxy batch.

You may also purchase this as part of our Basic Epoxy Tool Kit or our Premium Epoxy Tool Kit.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Green
Bottle Cap Table made easy with this product!

I was really concerned about using epoxy for my first time and on such a big project (a bottle cap table using a large spool). I read reviews on many different products. I chose this epoxy since the reviews were good. I was delighted that my table turned out beautiful! Just follow their directions closely is what I kept reading! So I did, with help from my husband it was easier than expected. Thank you for a great product!

Vincent Cavaliere

I was more nervous then I needed to be. I followed the directions and it worked great.. Two weeks later I poured another coat on it and same results.. Awesome!!

Worked great.

I did not use this container to mix the epoxy due to the smaller quantities I was working with but it did come in handy for warming up my resin bottle in hot water!

great product

a very good size for mixing a gallon in.

Jason Collins
Performs Great - Just As Described

THis product arrived super fast and produced an amazing finish.

I cannot wait until my next project requiring an epoxy finish. I will surely be using this again.