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1 Quart Epoxy Mixing Container
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These graduated plastic containers are used for accurately measuring and mixing epoxy seal coats or small resin batches.

  • One-quart small graduated plastic containers.
  • Each contains clearly marked graduations for quick measuring.
  • Measurement markings for: cups, ounces.
  • Made from translucent high-density polyethylene.

Note: Large applications such as epoxy countertops or bar tops will take several batches to complete an entire seal coat. We recommend mixing the seal coat batch in small one-quart containers. The epoxy will cure too quickly in the gallon size containers; those containers are used for the flood coat.

Warning: Do not attempt to clean and reuse these containers. Residual resin components will contaminate any further batch attempts in used containers. Always use a new container for each epoxy batch.

You may also purchase this as part of our Basic Epoxy Tool Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cheaper then in store and worked great

I used the one quart container for my small test project and it worked perfectly

Judy H
Worked as Advertised

Loved it. Ended up doing my project on my kitchen island because it was the only place I could keep at 75+ degrees. Was easier than I expected. I started early Saturday with my 1st seal coat. Waited the 4 hours and did a 2nd seal coat. I was working on a 4" rough cut slab with a tree bark end and ended up making 3 or 4 - 1 Tbsp/1 Tbsp batches to fill a crack before pouring the flood coat. I am so happy with my new bathroom vanity top!!!

Gary Mackey
Awesome product

This was the first time I used this product. It went on very easy and I found an easy way to rid all the tiny bubbles. Just make tiny 1-2” swirls and the tiny bubbles just go away into the swirls. It’s very time consuming. But the results with this product was amazing. I will now alway use this product. It is a very nice thick coat and spreads very nice with out having to touch. But just order extra because of how thick it ends up I needed a combination of a galling for a bar top of 24”x7’.

charles riddle

Worked as advertised