Mixing Drill Bit

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Mixing Drill Bit
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This mixing drill bit is designed for mixing epoxy batches, as well as paint and other resins. It can be used over and over again without cleaning it; it does not need to be cleaned between batches.

Note: This drill bit is also included in our Basic Epoxy Tool Kit and our Premium Epoxy Resin Tool Kit.

    Customer Reviews

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    Brad Gunwall
    Helpful tool

    Worked good to mix ,could have been a touch bigger diameter mixing cone.

    Buy this; it is absolutely worth the little bit of money to get

    My first attempt to mix the epoxy with a different type of mixing drill bit failed miserably. It sucked air bubbles down into the mixture which totally ruined that attempt. With the cost of the epoxy and your time and effort it makes no sense to even try it any other way!!!

    Todd S.
    Mixing bit

    The mixing bit was very useful for larger quantities of epoxy that were being mixed (> 1 quart) but not usable for smaller test batches.

    Candace Lawrence
    Saved my arm

    We needed to mix 3 batches and the bit was a life-saver. As advertised, the epoxy doesn't stick to the drill bit. :)

    Ethan Karten
    much faster and user friendly

    If you've ever mixed epoxy before, you know how tiring and time consuming mixing by hand is especially since epoxy is such a thick liquid. Save yourself the headache and let this drillbit do all that work for you and much faster than you can as well.