Epoxy Edge Tape for Dams

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Tyvek Tape
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This edge tape is a must-have for creating temporary dams as needed for your epoxy project! Apply it along the front side of the dam to keep epoxy from sticking.

  • Prevents epoxy from adhering to it, allowing removal of temporary dams with ease!

  • Each roll features a 2-inch width x 55-yard length of tape.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Larry Armstridge
Did what I needed

Worked as advertised for a dam built on a wood table. I wanted a clean edge so I could tack on wood trim.

Mack S
Awesome product

This was the first time I used epoxy for a 36” x 8’ bar top. The tape was crucial as it allowed me to remove my dam without any issue or sticking. I had seen epic fail videos of people using painters tape and I did not want that. Turned out fantastic. Recommend it.

Worked as Advertised

First time I tried putting on molding without the tape. It was a disaster. Contacted support and they recommended the tape. Worked fine. Wish I would have known before hand though, would have saved me time and money.