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Epoxy Tool Kit
Elizabeth Chaney
Wonderful product

I have not had a chance to finish my project as it is outside and weather has not been the best. I did get the table done, yesterday. I still have the benches to do when weather permits, hopefully tomorrow.

Perfect! Staff very helpful.

Was able to do our kitchen counter tops, beautiful glass like finish, never even had to use heat gun for bubbles. Will definitely buy again.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Tim Lindquist Lindquist
Bar top

Great product and easy to use with all the supplies

Love the finished product

We were terrified to use epoxy and decided to purchase this on kind of a whim. We tiled our countertops and then framed beautifully with a stained wood. The epoxy was just the icing on the cake! While it wasn't as self-leveling as we thought with a drywall scraper we were able to level out and make sure every area was covered. Definitely not as many bubbles as we thought, but the heat gun worked magically!

was easy to apply

not my first epoxy project but definitely my first with primaloc.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Adrian Willis
Looks Great!

The surface is so smooth and feels so nice

Deep Pour Epoxy
Emily Johnson
better than I expected

I didn’t think this would be worth the money but it had a lot of positive reviews so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I did a couple test samples using a mold I had and some pigment from another store and it worked perfectly. Then I did my bigger project (just a small river table) and was really careful not to let it leak over the sides. Everything went really smoothly and I just followed the instructions, nothing fancy. 10/10

Deep Pour Epoxy
audrey hayes
ocean river table

we made a river table with a thick epoxy. it turned out great though curing took some time.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Brayden Maxwell
Penny Table Top

deep pour looks great. got it fast, too, and the penny project went as planned.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Clara Baker

our deep blue table looks incredible, wowow. the color didn’t turn out as good in the photo but in reality its super.

First time users

We’ve never worked with epoxy before and we built a crawfish/shrimp boil table. We needed to flood the table. The chart on the website was accurate too. We had enough to seal the side rails and flood the table. Little to no air bubbles. Self leveling. Table came out great!

Deep Pour Epoxy
Jasmine Nelson
Cork table top project

This stuff is so beautiful. Finished our table top with it and a huge amount of corks we gathered.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Skylar Daly
Couple deep pour end tables

Did two end tables. Both are cured and feel very solid. Would recommend this Deep Pour.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Savannah Finch

turned out great

Deep Pour Epoxy
Evelyn Allen
Crystal. Clear.

Love the way this looks!

Deep Pour Epoxy
David scott
stunning results

i wanted a bottle cap table. i had a professional handle it and he did an amazing job using the primaloc resins. shipping was fast, too. appreciate it!

Deep Pour Epoxy
Layla Morris

Really like the way this resin looks

Deep Pour Epoxy
Isaac Farrell
Glad I tried this.

There’s a lot of these epoxies out there but I wanted to make sure I got a good one and this was definitely a good choice!

Deep Pour Epoxy
Cameron Jenkins
Coffee table with a twist

My husband and I glued down a bunch of jacks then poured a really thick layer using this deep pour.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Alexander Wilson
Turned out perfectly!

Just perfect!

Deep Pour Epoxy
Ella Butler
I Was Impressed.

And still am. What did you expect?

Deep Pour Epoxy
Aaron Russell
Live Edge Table Top

We used the Deep Pour this time for our latest table top. The white pigment looks amazing in person.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Willy Davis
Deep Pour

I usually only need regular table top epoxy but this time a client wanted a river countertop, so we setup a decorative deep pour river vein then topped it off with a coating of the primaloc table top. Customer was happy so I’m happy.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Lily Edwards
My table came out perfectly.

Dining room table with colored epoxy layer. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Deep Pour Epoxy
Ryan Peterson
Beautiful with a topcoat

After pouring the deep pour I also add a layer of the regular epoxy since its stronger