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Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Color Epoxy Resin

An epoxy river table colored with epoxy liquid dyes.
Learn how to infuse your epoxy resin with deep tones or vibrant shades in this beginner-friendly guide to epoxy powder pigments and liquid dyes.

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: Epoxy Project Tools and Supplies

A live-edge wooden epoxy bar top, seen close up to view the smooth, crystal-clear finish.
Not sure what tools and supplies are needed for a typical epoxy project? Learn more here in this Primaloc Basics article!

The Benefits of Renovating Your Kitchen Countertops with Epoxy Resin

An epoxy kitchen countertop.
Discover the value of renovating your kitchen countertops by giving them a strong, crystal-clear finish with Primaloc Epoxy Resin!

4 Amazing Benefits of Giving Wood Surfaces an Epoxy Finish

A wooden table top with a clear epoxy resin finish.
Discover 4 amazing ways in which an epoxy resin finish effectively protects wood while beautifully enhancing its appearance.

Primaloc Answers: How Safe Is Epoxy Resin?

A wooden epoxy kitchen countertop
Learn how safe epoxy resin is and what to watch out for when shopping for resin in our latest "Primaloc Answers" article.

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Embed Objects in Epoxy

An epoxy table top with a layer of bottle caps embedded inside the resin finish.
Learn how to embed small items in your epoxy resin finish with this guide from Primaloc!