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Primaloc Answers: What Is the Best Deep Pour Epoxy for Beginners?

Getting started with your very first epoxy project might seem intimidating.

Epoxy, a peculiar substance that changes from liquid to a strong, durable solid, might appear complex at first glance. However, working with it is quite manageable, especially when you've got the right supplies and a high-quality epoxy resin.

In this guide, we'll explore why our Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy stands out as the perfect choice for beginners. We'll also provide tips on how to achieve the best results using this or any other epoxy resin, ensuring your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

A wooden epoxy dining table with multiple red-tinted wide "river" veins.

What Is the Best Deep Pour Epoxy for Beginners?

Before we explain which deep pour epoxy is optimal, it's important that you understand what it is. So, for those new to the concept, let’s break down what deep pour epoxy is.

What Is Deep Pour Epoxy?

Deep pour epoxy is a type of casting resin specifically designed to be poured in thick layers, making it ideal for creating river tables or intricate resin art pieces that require deep fills in molds.

The primary advantage of using high-quality deep pour epoxy is its ability to flow smoothly, adapt to complex shapes, and effectively release air bubbles. This is due to its lower viscosity. Contrast this to a thicker epoxy like our Primaloc Table Top Epoxy, which flows slowly and naturally self-levels to about 1/8 of an inch.

The watery consistency of deep pour epoxy enables it to fill molds or gaps with ease while permitting air bubbles to escape readily. When epoxy coats a porous surface, it seeps into the pores, and air from any unsealed pores tries to rise and escape. In higher viscosity epoxies, this air can become trapped, forming bubbles within the hardened resin. However, in deep pour epoxy, the air moves through the resin more freely and is more likely to escape before curing, which reduces the chances of bubble formation.

This makes deep pour epoxy particularly suitable for projects that require thick layers of resin, providing a clearer and smoother finish. For beginners and seasoned crafters alike, our Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy stands out as a top choice for achieving excellent results in basic or complex epoxy projects.

Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy

Primaloc Deep Pour: The Best Deep Pour Epoxy for Beginners

Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy stands out among other deep pour resins as a top-tier epoxy that delivers exceptional performance across the board.

With Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy, you can look forward to:

  • High Durability: It cures into a strong, resilient surface. And for even greater protection, consider adding a topcoat of Primaloc Table Top Epoxy.
  • Waterproofing: Our resin creates a waterproof barrier that prevents liquids from seeping through and causing stains.
  • Support for Extra-Thick Layers: Effortlessly pour layers up to 2 inches deep. For larger projects, layers can be added after partial curing to achieve depths of up to 6 inches without complications.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Primaloc resins are designed for ease of use, allowing anyone to achieve professional results with just a few simple steps.

Get unmatched quality and convenience with Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy. Our products are of the highest purity, meticulously refined, and proudly made in the USA.

An epoxy river table with a white-tinted "river" vein.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Can Epoxy Be Poured 2 Inches Thick?

Absolutely, but you'll need to use a deep pour epoxy. Our Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy is specifically formulated to be poured in individual layers of up to 2 inches thick.

For projects requiring greater thickness, you can safely layer additional pours of up to 2 inches each after allowing partial curing between layers, achieving a total depth of up to 6 inches without any complications.

#2: How Do Deep Pour Epoxy and Table Top Epoxy Differ?

Deep pour epoxy and table top epoxy primarily differ in strength, viscosity, and layer thickness.

Table Top Epoxy

Table top epoxy—which many users refer to as simply "epoxy"—is sort of the default. It has the highest strength, but a shorter working time and is very limited by layer thickness. It's designed to be applied in in thin, self-leveling layers. Most table top epoxies level out to a thickness of about 1/16 inch, though our Primaloc Table Top Epoxy is formulated to reach up to 1/8 inch.

A wooden deep pour epoxy table top with a long curvy "river" vein of epoxy tinted with blue and filled with various sea-themed embedments.
Deep Pour Epoxy

On the other hand, deep pour epoxy is specifically formulated to be poured in much thicker layers, typically around 1 inch. A premium resin of this type can go up to 2 inches, as with our Primaloc Deep Pour Epoxy.

This type of epoxy has a lower viscosity, allowing it to flow more freely and settle into deeper pours without trapping air bubbles, making it ideal for larger volume applications like river tables or thick inlays.

#3: Is Deep Pour Epoxy Good on Its Own?

Deep pour epoxy is designed to handle thicker pours, making it excellent for projects like river tables or casting objects where depth is required. To make this possible, it loses some of the extreme resilience that table top epoxies exhibit.

With that said, on its own, deep pour provides a strong, clear, and durable finish. Whether you need a topcoat of table top epoxy over deep pour epoxy often depends on the specific demands of your project and the desired finish. Specifically, you'll want a topcoat of table top epoxy if you need the utmost level of scratch resistance. This is recommended for projects in high-traffic areas or surfaces that will see a lot of use.

A wooden epoxy river table with several small blue-tinted river veins.

Primaloc Epoxy: Premium Epoxy for Premium Results

With our premium Bar & Table Top Epoxy and our Deep Pour Epoxy, Primaloc gets the job done. Our epoxy resins are premium-grade, with high performance in every category, including:

  • Unmatched Strength: A Primaloc finish won't buckle, even under high pressure.
  • Long-Lasting Resilience: Primaloc epoxy lasts for many years with minimal care, and can endure high-traffic environments with ease.
  • A Crystal-Clear Coating: With its pristine, transparent appearance, looking at a cured Primaloc coating is like peering through a window.

Epoxy resin can be beautiful, strong, and long-lasting—which is why you shouldn't compromise on quality. With Primaloc Epoxy Resin, you get the ultimate finish in durability and visual appeal.

Protect your surfaces by giving them a rock-solid epoxy finish. Choose strong. Choose reliable. Choose Primaloc.


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