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An epoxy table top with a layer of bottle caps embedded inside the resin finish.

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Embed Objects in Epoxy

Epoxy resin is a two-part material used to protect surfaces with a rock-solid, yet crystal-clear coating. It can also be used for artistic purposes to create your own works of art.

Before and immediately after mixing, epoxy resin exists in a liquid form. Because of this, it's uniquely able to conform around different objects and shapes to fill in irregular spaces before it eventually hardens. Because of this, it's possible to embed objects into your epoxy resin finish, both preserving them and putting them on display.

In this article, we'll explain how to embed objects into an epoxy resin finish. We've written this guide with our premium Primaloc Bar & Table Top Epoxy in mind, but the information should apply to other high-quality epoxy brands as well.

A long wooden epoxy coffee table with a river vein of epoxy that contains numerous embedded stones.

What Not to Embed In Your Epoxy

There aren't many limitations on what you can embed in your epoxy resin. The size of the objects matter, of course, but other than that there are few conditions.

Still, there are a few things you should never embed in a resin finish, so let's go over that now.

In your epoxy, you should not embed:

  • Food, animals, or plants. The issue with these things is that they eventually decompose. Even when within an epoxy finish, the decomposition process can continue, eventually leaving you with unsightly rot sealed into your finish.

    That being said, there are ways to preserve small plants such as dried flowers, but this is tricky to achieve without them losing their color and visual appeal.

  • Liquids. Trying to embed liquids in an epoxy resin finish is a bad idea. Once mixed, the epoxy is still in a liquid form, and it needs to be applied to something solid to chemically bond to. If you were to pour it over liquid, it would simply mesh with the substance, preventing a proper bond, disrupting the curing, and leaving you with a mess to clean up.

  • Things you might want back. Embedding in epoxy is a semi-permanent decision. While epoxy is extremely good at preserving objects, it isn't good at relinguishing them. If you embed an object in epoxy, be sure you won't want to take it out.

    For instance, photos are great option for embedding if you can make copies, but perhaps you wouldn't want the one and only original to be sealed in the epoxy instead of in an album.

How to Embed Objects in Epoxy

Embedding objects is actually fairly straightforward for most common projects, such as epoxy countertops and table tops. Typically, it involves adhering the objects to your substrate before you even begin mixing up a batch of resin.

The easiest way to accomplish this is probably to use a basic glue (not hot glue)—i.e., Elmer's—on your object and affix it to the substrate surface where you'd like it to be positioned. Items like pennies, bottle caps, photos and memorabilia—these are all great choices for a creative, personalize epoxy resin finish.

Another way to accomplish this is to apply a thick seal coat of epoxy to your substrate, then press the objects into the thin layer of resin before it cures. As it hardens, it will ultimately hold them in place for when you pour your flood coat.

Be certain to fully read your the instructions that came with your chosen brand of epoxy. This will ensure you achieve the optimal outcome.

A sea-themed epoxy table top with various sea embedments and a brilliant blue resin tint..

Embedding Delicate or Fragile Items in Epoxy

If the items you'd like to embed are easily damaged, bent, or blemished, e.g., photos or paper memorabilia, you can use a water-based sealer such as Mod Podge to protect them.

Simply apply the Mod Podge to the entire item, then affix it like normal to your substrate so that it's ready to be covered in epoxy during your flood coating.

Primaloc Epoxy: Premium Epoxy for Premium Results

When it comes to epoxy resin, Primaloc Epoxy gets the job done. Our epoxy resin is premium-grade, with high performance in every category, and has no trouble with embedments.

Epoxy resin can be beautiful, strong, and long-lasting—which is why you shouldn't compromise on quality. With Primaloc Epoxy Resin, you get the ultimate finish in durability and visual appeal.

Protect your surfaces by giving them a rock-solid epoxy finish. Choose strong. Choose reliable. Choose Primaloc.


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