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An epoxy resin vanity countertop, with an easy-to-clean finish.

Primaloc Epoxy Basics: How to Clean Epoxy Surfaces

With epoxy resin, the hard part is the initial application. Getting that finish just right takes a little bit of care and effort—but it's always worth it!

Nonetheless, once the process is complete, the epoxy fully cured, there's still a little more worth knowing so you can keep your epoxy looking good as new.

In this article, we'll explain how to keep your epoxy surfaces clean with minimal effort!

How to Clean Epoxy Surfaces

Maintaining your epoxy surfaces is actually pretty easy. Epoxy resin finishes are low-maintenance and don't require much work to keep them looking fresh, due in part to their ultra-smooth surface.

Whether you're dealing with residues or spills, or just interested in sanitizing your surfaces to reduce germs, you'll find that epoxy resin is quite amenable to most basic solutions.

Below, we've listed four different methods for cleaning epoxy surfaces, depending on what you're targeting, and what supplies are available to you.

Here's a quick list of epoxy resin cleaning methods:

  1. Mild soap and warm water.
  2. Glass cleaner or a hard-surface cleaner.
  3. Diluted bleach.
  4. Disinfectant spray or diluted alcohol.

Let's take a look at each method, one by one.

An epoxy resin table top, with a smooth epoxy surface that's easy to clean.

Method #1: Mild Soap and Warm Water

You can use some mild dish soap and water (preferably warm) to briskly soften and wipe away the vast majority of residues.

A microfiber cloth is excellent for this, as it will also absorb moisture and pick up particles very well, though you can also use an absorbent t-shirt that you don't need as a backup rag.

Paper towels are a fine option, too, though some brands have a tendency to leave behind towel fibers on the surface. Smooth, circular motions are best when possible.

Method #2: Glass Cleaner or Hard-Surface Cleaner

A good glass cleaner can be an excellent way to quickly clear away debris and make the surface shine like, well, glass.

A hard-surface cleaner is also good. It can be dedicated or a multi-surface variant. Again, use a clean cloth or something with absorbent properties such as a t-shirt or paper towels.

There are many brands of cleaners like these. Windex, Clorox, Invisible Glass, and many more are all suitable.

Method #3: Diluted Bleach

For a cleaning method that includes sanitization, you can try diluted bleach. Simply mix 1/4 cup of bleach into a 1 gal of cold water to create a suitably strong mixture for cleaning and germ eliminating.

The mix will last for about 24 hours before it gradually becomes less effective (you can always easily make more).

We recommend wearing gloves when working with bleach, preferably nitrile or vinyl, which are harder to permeate. Avoiding skin contact in general is a good idea.

There is potential for diluted bleach use to gradually diminish the natural sheen of your epoxy surfaces, so try to use it sparingly, and stick with the other methods when possible.

Method #4: Disinfectant Spray or Diluted Alcohol

This method is primarily for a quick way to sanitize your epoxy surfaces by eliminating germs. It's not ideal for removing residues (requiring more physical effort to do so).

You can either make your own mixture using a potent alcohol mixed with some water, or you can buy a disinfectant cleaner from a reputable brand and use that.

Most cleaners of this sort will recommend about 30 seconds of surface contact with the cleaner before you start to wipe it away and absorb it. Spray generously for optimal results.

An epoxy resin cabinet with a beverage resting on its surface.

Primaloc Epoxy Makes Cleaning Easy

By using a high-quality resin like our premium Primaloc Bar & Table Top Epoxy, you can ensure a pristine, rock-solid finish that won't buckle under pressure.

Cleaning is easy with our epoxy resin's incredibly smooth, waterproof surface, making the tedious chore feel almost effortless—and saving you time in the process.

Primaloc Epoxy: Premium Epoxy for Premium Results

When it comes to epoxy resin, Primaloc Epoxy gets the job done. Our epoxy resin is premium-grade, with high performance in every category.

Epoxy resin can be beautiful, strong, and long-lasting—which is why you shouldn't compromise on quality. With Primaloc Epoxy Resin, you get the ultimate finish in durability and visual appeal.

Protect your surfaces by giving them a rock-solid epoxy finish. Choose strong. Choose reliable. Choose Primaloc.


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