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A wooden table top with a clear epoxy resin finish.

4 Amazing Benefits of Giving Wood Surfaces an Epoxy Finish

When it comes to countertop and table top surfaces, wood is one of the most elegant, esteemed options. It's beautiful, natural, and usually quite sturdy.

But wood also has its flaws. It's susceptible to moisture damage; it's vulnerable to scratching; and it has a porous surface that can retain residues, is easily stained, and in which bacteria can thrive.

Because of these issues, wood often needs a sealant—a protective coating that serves to bolster its defense against these potential problems. And when it comes to coatings, there's none better for wood than epoxy resin.

In this article, we'll be explaining 4 different ways that epoxy and wood work together to mutual benefit.

4 Amazing Benefits of Giving Wood Surfaces an Epoxy Finish.

The list of benefits that epoxy resin provides wooden surfaces can be quite extensive, depending on how deep you dive into the minutia.

Below, we've chosen 4 of the most substantial reasons for why wood and epoxy work so well together.

  1. Wood's Porous Surface Is an Excellent Substrate for Epoxy Resin
  2. Epoxy Resin Conforms Easily to Wood's Irregular Shape
  3. Wood Is Heavily Protected by an Epoxy Resin Coating
  4. Epoxy Enhances the Inherent Beauty of Wood

Let's take a look at each of these in more detail.

Benefit #1: Wood's Porous Surface Is an Excellent Substrate for Epoxy Resin

Wood has a naturally porous surface. This means that there are numerous tiny, sometimes microscopic holes in the wood that hold air or other substances. Because of these pores, it's easy for debris, residues, and bacteria to subside in wood, making it difficult to clean and sanitize properly.

With most sealants, this concern can be diminished—but with epoxy resin, it can be entirely negated.

Epoxy resin starts off as two separate liquid components—resin and hardener. When these components are combined, an exothermic chemical reaction occurs, and the epoxy starts slowly hardening. This is when it's meant to be applied to a substrate such as wood.

When a batch of epoxy is applied to wood—generally as a seal coat—its fluid initial form allows it to permeate the many pores of the wooden material. In turn, it releases the air from the pores and continues hardening within them. This is also what allows such a powerful bond between epoxy and wood.

Ultimately, the epoxy chemically bonds to the wood and hardens into a rock-solid, crystal-clear epoxy finish.

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A small wooden table with an epoxy resin finish.

Benefit #2: Epoxy Resin Conforms Easily to Wood's Irregular Shape

Creating a table or countertop—or some other type of fixture/furniture—with natural, live edge wood can lead to truly remarkable results. The natural appearance of wood is often elegant and pleasing for its eccentric form.

This attractive element has lead many to choose a live-edge bar top or countertop for their home decor. The primary drawback to this aesthetic decision is that live-edge wood can be difficult to seal—but not with epoxy resin!

While in its liquid state, epoxy resin is able to gently conform to an uneven wooden surface, including over knots, divots, clefts, and other inconsistencies. The result is a smooth, well-sealed wooden surface that retains its distinct appearance.

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Benefit #3: Wood Is Heavily Protected by an Epoxy Resin Coating

There are many ways to treat wood to improve its durability and keep it looking fresh. Lacquer, polyurethane, hardwax, and oils are all viable options for light or medium levels of protection.

But if you want the best—something that will stand the test of time and look great doing it—you want epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is the strongest protective sealant for wooden surfaces. Once cured, it becomes an incredibly durable substance with high resistance to scratching, denting, and other forms of impact. Not only that, but epoxy is also waterproof, fully protecting any substrate from moisture and water damage.

Choosing epoxy resin to finish your wood has other perks, too. For one, epoxy lasts a long time, a minimum of 7 years with low maintenance and minimal upkeep. Contrast that to other finish options, which need to be periodically refreshed, some as often as every few months, and it becomes clear why so many choose epoxy resin for their protective coating.

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A live-edge wooden countertop with an epoxy resin finish.

Benefit #4: Epoxy Enhances the Inherent Beauty of Wood

Our final feature in this list is about epoxy resin's ability to enhance the inherent beauty of wood.

Because wood has a natural appeal, it's desirable to showcase it, to yourself, to others, etc. But many sealants affect the wood in unwelcome ways. For instance, polyurethane has a tendency to yellow over time. This distorts the natural image of the wood in a displeasing way (for most people, at least).

Other finishes have similar concerns, dulling or discoloring the wood for the sake of preservation. Epoxy resin, however, does the opposite. In addition to providing unparalleled protection, it also improves the depth of color in wooden surfaces, making them seem fresher and more alive than they did without it.

A coating of epoxy resin, because of its glasslike appearance, allows the fine details of wood to be exhibited clearly through the epoxy finish. This is yet another reason why epoxy resin is the ideal choice for domestic and commercial wooden surfaces.

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